Baker Creek – Residential Treatment Facility

Now Open!

Lake Whatcom Residential & Treatment Center offers an innovative residential treatment option for men and women with co-occurring mental health and substance use diagnoses at Baker Creek, a 16-bed facility located in Bellingham. Baker Creek is a specialty program specializing in treating adults with severe and persistent mental illness who also experience substance use concerns, utilizing a whole-person, comprehensive care approach to enhance individuals’ quality of life and promote wellness and community inclusion.



  • Comprehensive individual needs assessment
  • Medication Support Services
  • Multidisciplinary team approach to include: Medical Team (RN, Prescriber), MHPs, CDPs/CDP-Ts, Behavioral Health Clinicians, Peers, and Support Staff
  • Evidence-based practices
  • Motivational programming within a therapeutic milieu
  • Integrated treatment planning and recovery-focused engagement
  • Co-Occurring Behavioral Health treatment
  • Life-skills and time management training
  • Relapse Prevention groups
  • Nutrition, health, recreation and recovery lifestyle support
  • Inter-agency access to medical services, continuing care, counseling, and employment services.
  • Baker Creek can continue serving clients engaged in Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) programs



  • All referrals and applications will be reviewed by qualified assessors to ensure optimal treatment placement to address individual needs
  • Submit a completed substance use evaluation by a Chemical Dependency Professional indicating ASAM Level of Care recommended
  • Have a mental health diagnosis along with indicated substance use disorder
  • Individuals will need a current mental health assessment.  If no mental health assessment has been completed, an initial mental health intake will be scheduled prior to admission.